If you’re not already thinking about mobile ecommerce it’s not too late, but you could be seriously missing out on thousands of dollars of revenue. Mobile ecommerce is the description given to people who use their mobile device like a smartphone or tablet to research and buy online. A good mobile ecommerce experience will be critical… Read more »

Over to Chiang Mai this week, where digital entrepreneur Pete Hillman is based (for the moment). Pete is a bit of a nomad and free spirit, but that hasn’t stopped him from acquiring freelance creative digital work and building a strong social following. While spending time taking in all that travel has to offer he’s… Read more »

How much should you charge for your products? Getting the pricing wrong can mean losing out on thousands of dollars in sales. Did you know the average consumer visits three websites before making a purchase? The more expensive an item the more sites they are likely to visit. So getting your pricing right can make… Read more »

Belinda Crestani is the founder and managing editor of Youthful Habits, a website that obsessively covers the wellness scene – health, nutrition, beauty and more. She’s a health blogger, freelance writer, soon-to-be Life Coach and author of two eBooks: Eat Yourself Young and How to visualise what you want and get it! The ultimate guide… Read more »

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve done everything right with your business and yet you’ve still got crickets chirping on your sales pages? When you’re starting out, online business can some time seem futile; all those hours spent sitting in front of the computer tweaking your site and creating content only to have a small… Read more »

Sarah Bowen Shea does everything like a mother. She trains like a mother, she runs like a mother, and she tackles online business like a mother. This inspirational lady and her business partner Dimity McDowell are the founders of Another Mother Runner, an online space that they describe as a ‘Virtual Aid Station’ for likeminded… Read more »

If you’re a web entrepreneur or running your own small business it’s important to bootstrap as much as possible. An easy way to save money each month is by using some of the excellent free tools available whenever you can. The hard part is finding the good free tools that will maximise your productivity and help… Read more »

So, you want to create an ebook? Awesome! Sharing your knowledge online is a fabulous way to showcase your expertise, offer affordable access to that brilliant brain of yours, and to extend your reach to a whole new audience who may not have realised just how clever you are (yet). But, has the Grand Plan… Read more »

Meet Adrian Incarnate. He’s been part of the Sydney hip hop scene for over a decade, building a loyal following of his own and also extending his reach through collaborations with other like-minded musicians. A bit of a ‘renaissance man’, Adrian’s got vocals, production and emceeing under his belt. And he’s a great guy to… Read more »

Selling on Facebook is the subject of much debate. Some say it’s been a disappointment and highlight some major retailers like Gap and JCpenney who shut down their Facebook stores within months. Others correctly point out that it’s still early days and selling on Facebook requires a different approach, one that interacts with fans and… Read more »

Lion and Anvil are carving a name for themselves in the quality handmade leathergoods and clothing market. Their rawhide belts and accessories, the softest tees, and classic iconography hark back to a time before mass manufacturing and disposable fast fashion. With a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign under their very well made belt, brick and mortar… Read more »

Creating and sending customers an invoice normally involves you manually calculating the sales tax before you send it. Sounds straight forward, until you realise how tricky it is when your customers come from all over the world, and each state in the US has its own tax rates. Calculating sales tax is a major headache… Read more »

Trying to get free publicity for your business by pitching to journalists can be extremely tough and drive you nuts. For any small business owner or a solo entrepreneur getting a journalist to write about you can feel like you’re trying to climb Mount Everest carrying a fridge on your back. But it’s not impossible. And… Read more »

As many of you know, a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL cryptographic software library was recently discovered: CVE-2014-0346 / CVE-2014-0160, commonly called the “Heartbleed Bug.” The vulnerability is described at http://heartbleed.com It affected nearly two thirds of all web traffic, including Google, Twitter and Amazon. Like many companies, we took immediate action to assess the Heartbleed… Read more »

Why should you offer customers the option of PayPal PayPal is one of the most popular ways for customers to purchase online with 143 million active buyers1 looking for PayPal when shopping online. Research shows that over 72% of American’s online have a PayPal account. Online shoppers trust PayPal as a secure way to buy online and… Read more »