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Here at Clicksound we're really proud to tell you that we are one of the very first places to be able to make available to you first-class, professional, original and brand new classical and symphonic works in an instantly downloadable MIDI template. It means we can offer you never-before-experienced access and control over pieces of professionally composed classical and/or symphonic music giving you ultimate power to your fingertips.

We're not all classical musicians or classically trained, and certainly not all of us can write that type of music, and while there are currently only a handful of sample CDs available that contain classical/orchestral samples and although they all are excellent and we wouldn't say anything against them, there's still not much you can do to actually change the samples very much without losing fidelity or something fundamental, which means often, we have to work around the sample. But what if you had access to what sounds like a classical/orchestral sample, but being totally in MIDI is completely malleable so it can work around you without you needing the compositional expertise?

Sure you can put effects on samples, loop a certain section etc. but what about changing the notes, pitches, quantisation, key, rhythm, instrumentation etc. so it fits perfectly and naturally in no time with your own project?

We know it's a bit of a sweeping statement to say that the limitations of sampling classical music that are often experienced are over, but we genuinely do think we have started to provide a solution!

Clicksound's Classical and Symphonic MIDI templates have been exclusively created, masterfully crafted and performed by an award-winning, internationally acclaimed composer/performer writing for us under the pseudonym of Orana. These templates open up a whole new realm of a genre that has so many different uses in the modern musical world.

No longer do you have to trawl through an entire symphony or giant classical work to find that "great hook/motif", our templates give you instant access to the essential elements of a new and original symphonic/classical piece - i.e. a motif/idea/exposition which would be the central idea of a larger-scale work; which would be the bit you would sample from a piece of Classical music - and not only do you get this delivered directly to your computer, but you can then change it in any way you feel you want or need to.

What's also really great about our Classical and Symphonic range is that they have not just been written as stand alone snapshots into a larger-scale classical/symphonic/orchestral work but also have been written whilst keeping in mid the styles of classical music that are often sampled in Dance music. This means you don't have to be a classical musician to use these templates - they all can be easily and quickly absorbed into other types of music, like all kinds of dance genres for example, so there really are limitless directions you can take these templates!

So, please do check out our Classical and Symphonic range, our ever-growing catalogue spans from minimal, sensitive piano solos right through to massive, epic/filmic orchestral pieces, plus pretty soon we'll be starting Micro Classical templates too...so stay tuned to Clicksound!


From the Clicksound Team